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Data recovery: when it is needed and who to contact.

What would happen if we suddenly lost all the data on one of our devices: contact info, documents, photos and texts? It would be a major inconvenience, especially when the lost documents are work related! However, that doesn’t mean all is lost. Here’s what might happen, which are the most frequent scenarios and how they can be solved by specialised companies or in some cases by following some DIY tips.

Data rec: what it is and when it becomes necessary.

The term Data Recovery is used regarding the restoration of the information stored on our digital devices. Demand for this service has surged in recent years, considering our ever-growing reliance on computers and smartphones.

Not all storage devices are equal, therefore each usually requires an ad hoc procedure for recovery.
There are different types of devices (digital, optics or magnetic) and for each of them specific expertise is required before attempting any kind of intervention, to avoid making a bad situation even worse.

Who might need it.

Nobody would like to find themselves in the situation of having to retrieve lost data but unfortunately, it’s something that might happen to anybody.

Here are the categories that require a data recovery service more frequently:

  • Private citizens: nowadays nobody lives without a smartphone, and the storage of these tiny devices becomes a place to save photos, data, appointments, contact info and much more. For these people, a simple service like a WhatsApp recovery or an Android data recovery can make a huge difference.
  • Freelancers: a freelancer keeps on his PC or smartphone not only his kids’ photos, but also signed contracts, bills, projects and assignments not yet completed.
  • Photographers: what about photographers? In addition to the risk of losing irretrievable photos (those clients waiting for their photo album won’t get married again soon!), they might also have to pay very high compensations!
  • Law firms: for law firms data recovery is a life saver, especially if we think about the amounts of sensitive data that can be stored on their devices.
  • Businesses: server and NAS failures, damages or disruptions can mean an enormous loss of data for a business, which must be fixed with the utmost urgency.

The most frequent causes for loss of data: when is data recovery needed?

These are the main reasons for which you might need a data recovery service:

  • Data deletion.
    The cause for data deletion might be human error, a virus or a hacking.
  • Device failure.
    Our smartphones are without a doubt the devices with the highest risk of suffering damage, after all we carry them with us all the time and the chances that one’s phone might fall on the ground, get crushed or get in contact with water are very high.
    Even USB sticks, memory cards or SD cards are subject to damage thanks to their dimensions and way of use,
    since they are constantly transferred from one device to another they can be easily damaged.

Our tips for the recovery of your files and data.

First and foremost, when facing data loss, keep calm. Thanks to specific software it is possible to retrieve parts of the deleted or inaccessible data, and when that’s not enough a professional can help.

SOS data recovery: from free tools to professional help.

EaseUS Data Recovery is an excellent software that allows you to try and recover your data from hard disks, SSD disks, USB sticks, SD cards, media players and many other devices.
Even though EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a simple to use program and often allows to successfully recover user data, it might be a bit too complicated for many users, and in extreme scenarios it might not resolve their issues.
Not to worry though, by contacting a data recovery specialist it is possible to completely solve the situation.

A specialized company will be able to offer classic data recovery services, and others dedicated to everything that revolves around you, such as:

  • WhatsApp data recovery;
  • Android data recovery (recovery of deleted Android files, recovery of Android contact info, data recovery after an Android software restore, data recovery after an Android reset, data recovery from an Android device with broken display);
  • Data recovery from a damaged iPhone;
  • photo recovery;
  • Windows data recovery;
  • Data recovery from a broken phone;
  • Many other urgent data recovery services.

PIXEL: the data recovery specialists.

Thanks to expert professionals and using ACE Lab – PC-3000 technologies, PIXEL can offer the following services:

  • hard disk data recovery: an extremely delicate operation that must be performed only by professionals.
  • Smartphone data recovery: recovery of texts, images, photos, videos, contact info, documents, audio messages and recordings found on the of the damaged devices’ storage.
  • Server data recovery: data loss from the server is every company’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately servers not starting up, data no longer accessible, hard disk failures or crashes, general faults or even accidental deletions are events that can occur and that we can quickly resolve.
  • USB data recovery: retrieving data from a USB stick that’s been damaged or accidentally formatted is a daily activity at PIXEL data recovery.
  • Memory card data recovery: external memories can be easily damaged, but they can contain important data that must be recovered as quickly as possible, and we deal with this kind of issue every day.
  • NAS data recovery: NAS systems can greatly ease the life of a business, but a fault might lead to data loss, putting at risk the work of many people. In these cases, a quick intervention on RAID systems is essential.

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